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Quake Prepared

When things start shaking, don't crawl under your school desk, crawl under your fully welded steel frame.*

Outdoor Forever

Forget filling the landfill. With outdoor furniture made so well, it will become a family heirloom.

Free Local Delivery

Shop local, chat with the craftsman, then have your design placed in your space.

Choose your design, then choose the material for the top and a finish for the steel.

The Designs

The Table


The Bed


The Bench


The Coffee Table


The Sofa Table


End Tables and Custom Book Shelves Coming Soon

These designs are engineered for utmost strength without compromising style. Every joint is welded solid to last forever.


Halee's Patio Table

"I like unique pieces of furniture and handmade is even better. I have an eclectic style, probably more bohemian than modern, but I do like to be in style. I liked the simplicity in Danny's design, but what really got me excited was choosing a tile that fit my style. I just needed something to seat a cozy group, not a big crowd, so I just measured my space and here it is. the perfect little table! I'm so happy with how everything turned out. And, I'm glad I could be involved." -Halee

Allen's Dining Table

"I'd like to do woodworking, but we don't all have time for all the hobbies we'd like to pick up... I wanted a handmade table, but I wasn't going to do it. When I saw this wood and metal combo I knew it was what we needed. I got my wood table, my wife got something stylish, and bonus, everyone wants a metal table after the recent earthquake. Glad we went this route. Love it." -AJ

Kellie's Office Tables

"Starting my own clinic has been very rewarding, but also very demanding. When it came to decorating, we needed something that could handle a room full of clients day in and day out and that added to my stress. There is a lot of furniture that looks great but isn't going to stand up to that kind of wear and tear. We're so glad we found Danny's welded solid furniture. It puts me at ease to know nothing is going to breaking on anybody even in all the years to come. Oh, and it looks fantastic too. Thanks Danny. We're super happy. Come see us. WholeLife Family Wellness Clinic of Providence." -Kellie

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